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Your business deserve to shine.
Through automation and optimization we transform good processes into the best possible ones.

Two sides of the same coin

Process automation

Your company has already won: you have the people, you have the technologies, and you have the processes. However, some tasks can be automated to reduce costs and time. For example, every time a new employee joins your Company, someone searches and delivers all the onboarding documents by hand. Unless you are a vintage enthusiast, you will agree with us that this process can definitely be automated thanks to IT. And this is precisely what we will do for you, since we are connected with more than 3000+ partner apps!

Process optimization

Can you imagine a production department in which an employee has to do pass under his desk every time he has to put a label on a product? We do, since we actually saw this happen at one of our clients. Like him, you may have the perfect machine and the best employees in the world, but your process can be vastly improved. And this is where we step in.

A precise path to process' excellence


We evaluate process AS-IS, together with your Company strategy, to understand where you are and, especially, where you want to be. Also included in this step is the analysis of your business service strategy, Human Resources capabilities, and Governance strategy.


We examine the gap between your current Company's state and the one you want and only suggest process changes that make sense for the business.
Helping your Company to really be.


Based on your business needs, we slowly modify your process by optimizing or automating them. Always starting with a prototype, we help your organization to achieve its target-state without ever stopping process or abruptly altering workflow and user experience.

Virtual consulting made real

The global pandemic has demonstrated all the significant advantages of remote work.

While competitors were required to be on site to deliver, Harnmore has always believed in the power of IT to maximise value while minimising costs.

Since our Consultancy has been so carefully crafted, you won't even have to meet us in order to realize its value.

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We focus on the IT solutions, so you can focus on your business. See what we can do for you today!

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