Software selection

We identify and drive the customer through technology selection phases in order to meet business objectives, functional and regulatory requirements, using a methodology built upon objective selection criteria.

On a mission to close the supply triangle

Choosing the right enterprise system is hard work. Starting with business process framing, we evaluate current processes, compare them to better business practices, and analyze which system will support your present or future business.

Harnmore gives you no more:
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    Expectations-results gap

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    Low quality, especially early on

Our pillars

The best tool is not always cool.

The hottest tool is the one that aligns with your business goals, not the one everyone is talking about.

One eye on the system and one eye on the wallet.

We do not choose the best system regardless of its cost, but rather on its ROI and your Company's goals.

All you need is law

Every Company has to deal with specific legal requirements, including e.g. data governance. We always keep it in mind when selecting the software for you.

A to-do list that never fails

1 – We interview stakeholder to develop alternative scenarios for future systems.
We can either suggest upgrading current systems or replacing them, or we can investigate the best-of-breed solutions versus integrated suites. 

 2 – We run a market scan of potential vendors, based on key qualification criteria. This step includes interviews with potential solution providers to narrow the short list to the best 2-3 vendors for future, more detailed, consideration.

3 – We structure the deliverables into a strategic roadmap. This can include a change management plan for the people-side of change.

4 – We prepare a formal request for proposal (RFP) and facilitate vendor demonstrations. We typically involve systems integrators in this process, so that we can evaluate implementation partners and software vendors as a team.

5 – We support clients during the contract negotiation stages to ensure that the best deal is realized in terms of cost and to protect their interests throughout the life of the relationship.

6 – We guide your company through the change by helping restructure teams and organizing testing sessions of new systems.

No one does it like us

Business case definition

No need to interview stakeholders for weeks to understand your needs, just online surveys to collect feedback from your teams and identifying their business requirements.

Differentiators Research

We examine your organization's unique characteristics to find out which vendor is the right fit for you.

Alternatives Scan

Does the entire legacy system need to be replaced, or can parts of it just be upgraded/extended? We consider all alternatives.

Short List Creation

We use formal proposals, vendor selection criteria, and best practices for software selection to shorten the list of candidates quickly and efficiently.

Implementation Assessment

By choosing the right service provider, we avoid software projects failure due to unqualified implementation consultants.

Independent Selection

Since we do not sell software or partner with technology vendors for implementation services, we always give you an unbiased opinion.

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